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Residential Security

Thieves and vandals depend on people who don't take preventative measures. Look at your home through the eyes of a burglar, are there hiding places where they could break in and not be detected? Have you installed proper locks and security grills? Are you doing what you can to protect your family, your home and your property?


If the entry doors to your home are not secure, neither is your home.

Construction: Ideally all exterior doors should be solid-core construction 1-3/4" thick or an insolated metal door and should have a good quality deadbolt property installed. Door frames should be of solid construction as well, and should have a proper security strike plate. Avoid hollow core and glass doors.

  • Do entrance doors have a 180-degree peephole or some other means to see out?
  • Have you had the locks re-keyed after moving in or since losing a key?
  • If your door is an out swing, are the hinge pins non-removable?
  • Do you avoid hiding keys out on your property?
  • Do entrance doors have a good quality deadbolt lock with a 1" throw?
  • Is striker plate securely fastened to jamb with 2-1/2" screws?
  • Are inside locks at least 40" from glass?
  • Are entrance doors solid core or metal?

Glass Panels: If your home has a window within 40" or arms length of an exterior door lock, the glass in the door or window should be fitted for security grills.


Windows pose a definite threat to home security. Locks usually can be pried open with ease, so your best bet is to install secondary locks on all your windows.

There are several different commercial locks available to homeowners, ask your locksmith. Another reinforcement method is "pinning." Commercial pins are available but large nails can also be used in its place. Drill a 3/16" hole through the inside window frame and into but not through the outside frame. The window is secured by placing a large nail (or pin) through the hole.

One of the most common points of window entry for burglars is the basement window. Windows hidden by bushes or trees give intruders an ideal place to work unseen. All basement windows should have security grills installed on the inside. There should be at least one opening type for emergency egress and windows that are seldom used should be permanently secured.

  • Do all windows have a secondary means of locking?
  • Can windows left open for ventilation be secured?
  • Do curtains fully cover windows?
  • Is window air conditioner secured from the inside?
  • Are sliding windows secured from being lifted out?


A good lock is the key! Popular key in knob locks are not very effective. Use a good quality deadbolt with a 1" throw on all exterior doors including the door between the house and garage. It is a very good idea to have your locksmith install high security locks on your home.

Patio doors are often targets for burglars and thieves. They are often the hardest points in the home to protect against entry because they incorporate all the weak points of both doors and windows. Most patio doors can be lifted out of their tracks and set aside. To prevent this, install metal screws in the upper track. They will fill the space above the door and make it impossible for the door to clear the lower track. Patio doors can also be pinned or locked like a window, but a better method is to use a security bar on the door. Ask your locksmith for a demonstration.

Garage and Vehicle Protection

Garages are a favorite target for burglars. Be sure windows are curtained so thieves can't window shop or check to see if your car is there. The door between your house and the attached garage should swing inward, be solid core or metal and equipped with a good deadbolt lock. Use a good padlock for the garage overhead door track and use it when away for extended periods of time. Always be sure to keep your garage locked, even when you are at home. Protect your vehicle and yourself! Most vehicle thefts are the result of owner's carelessness. It follows then, that most vehicle thefts can be avoided.

  • Close the windows, lock the doors and pocket the key.
  • Place valuables in the trunk and credit cards in your wallet.
  • Do not leave anything inside the vehicle.
  • Mark stereo equipment with your license number and keep a record of all serial numbers.
  • Never hide a spare key under the carpeting or over the sunvisor... thieves know where to look!
  • Park your vehicle in well-lit areas.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended with luggage, skis, tools or bikes on roof racks or in back of pick-ups.
  • Don't mark your keys with your name or address.
  • If you are required to leave a key with a parking attendant or a service person, leave only the vehicle keys. Also remove all documents (insurance, license, etc.) from the vehicle as this could be used in other crimes.

House Exteriors

  • Are shrubs cut below window level?
  • Are tree limbs cut above window level?
  • Is residence number visible from street? At night? From lane?
  • Is front door well lit?
  • Is back door well lit?
  • Are bicycles, mowers, and ladders etc., kept inside?
  • Do you belong to a Neighborhood Watch Program?
  • Do you make use of motion lights?
  • Never hide house keys in the yard!

Going Away?

Use these tips to protect your home and belongings when you're not there.

  • Don't advertise your absences!
  • Avoid newspaper announcements about upcoming vacations and funerals.
  • Cancel home deliveries (newspaper, milk, etc,) and do not leave notes. Have the post office hold or forward your mail and ask a neighbor to gather any circulars or "junk mail."
  • Have someone do lawn and garden maintenance, your home will look "lived in."
  • Have someone arrange drapes and blinds occasionally.
  • Have a neighbor park their vehicle in your driveway.
  • Set timers for exterior and interior lights, and for radios. They can be inexpensive, valuable investments.
  • Turn down the telephone bell, an unanswered telephone usually indicates an empty house.
  • Work with people you trust, ask neighbors not to inform anyone of your absence, and ask them to inform police immediately if they notice anything unusual or suspicious around your home. They should record the license numbers of questionable vehicles.
  • Leave a letter of authorization with the person you choose to enter you home while you're away in case he or she is questioned by authorities.


  • Do you stop deliveries?
  • Do you leave shades and blinds in there normal positions?
  • Do you notify trusting neighbors?
  • Do you set light/radio timers?
  • Do you have someone take care of your yard?
  • Do you have your mail picked up?

Additional Checks

  • Do you keep most of your cash in the bank?
  • Do you keep a list of all valuable property, credit cards and serial numbers in a safe place?
  • Have you engraved valuable property with your driver's license number?

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