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Physical security is a basic human need... as fundamental as food, shelter and companionship. In good times, security is not a big issue. We rarely give it a thought. In your business it is probably difficult to justify large expenditures to upgrade your current security systems when everything is going smoothly.

But you know from experience that when a loss of security occurs, everyone's life gets turned upside down. You know how costly it can be to your operation. And when the smoke settles, it s your department that comes under the microscope. You are held accountable!

We cannot take away all of your exposure. Some risks in life are unavoidable, but many losses don't just happen... they have identifiable causes that we can actually do something about. Authorities say that 95% of burglaries are through doors, and that the #1 means of unauthorized entry through a locked door is with the use of a duplicate key. The keys to your property can be made on demand in countless places. When employees make unauthorized copies of your keys, they usually don't tell you. In a hardware store, copies of your keys can be made in minutes. Periodically, when theft rings are busted, valet services are found to be part of the operation. Unauthorized key copying is the single greatest weakness of any security system.

Key control is the cornerstone of a security system. All the extra bells and whistles can't take its place. Most people can't be sure of who is getting into what, or when. Peaks cuts this problem off at the knees. Unauthorized keys are made from key blanks. If people can't get the blanks, they can't make the keys. No blanks... no unauthorized copies. Peaks blanks and keys are patented. Patent law makes Kaba the only source for blanks, and Kaba will use the power of the Federal courts against anyone who makes an unauthorized key. We had to sign a contract with the factory in Connecticut before they would release blanks to us. Kaba marks our key blanks with our code number so you can tell that they're from our company. Home centers, key cutters and other locksmiths can't get our blanks. Only we can legally copy the Peaks keys we sell. We will make copies of your Peaks keys with your explicit permission ONLY! We absolutely do not make them upon presentation or without authorization. Period. Those are the factory rules, and if we don't abide by the rules, the factory will terminate our contract, and we risk being taken to court.

Another great advantage is that we rarely have to replace any of your locks. That saves you time and money! Peaks cylinders fit into all major brands of hardware, including interchangeable and removable cores by Best, Weiser, Schlage, Corbin Russwin, Medeco and Yale. People often have several key systems because they have so many types of locks. We can furnish one Peaks patent protected key control system for all these different brands of hardware. If the layout of your existing unprotected key system works for you, we can give you the same layout in a Peaks system and give you real control of your property.

Peaks is truly affordable high security. The cost of Peaks is minimal compared to everything you need to protect people, property, and your reputation. For about the same price as your current cylinders with no protection, we can give you Peaks with patented key control. Peaks is used in a variety of applications. End users have reported significant reductions in shrinkage and in-house theft after installing a Peaks system. So, it's a smart choice that can improve your bottom line.

Peaks is an effective, affordable solution to the single most basic security system problem. You can take real control with Peaks and establish a foundation of true security that you can build on. Professionals know how to protect their assets with professional solutions. With Peaks, the only people who have keys to your property are the ones you gave them to.

If key control is a problem in your life, then you should consider Peaks high security locks. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your specific needs.

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